February 28, 2024
Take your time and read this beautiful love poem written by Sekou Donzo. When love unit our past it is good to bring back those memories alive and put them into words. Your critique would be appreciated on the comment box

Take Me To The Past My Darling-SacredInk

The birds will sing, for our love.
In the rainbow of colors,
Our giddy heads will rest on one pillow.
You add to what, I have already.
Take me, to the past, my darling

Now tell me, why the days are so sacred?
With our arms, in the union of love.
Embracing our happiness, through feelings.
Without pretense, our world we shall conquered.
Take me, to the past, the present the future my queen.

Keep a past, where love was not a struggle against pretense.
A past filled, with sunlight not falling snow.
For the past, will be the present
We shall live in its memory but change and grow
Take me, to the past, my darling but make our future fly

Let’s keep emotions from the past, my darling.
Old days, with flowering memories.
Old folks, with dizzying eyes.
Wine, in the tender bottles.
Eyes in touch with feelings unseen.
Sex, rules the world, by injecting feelings.
Take me, to the past, my darling.

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