February 28, 2024


I followed the scent of an exquisite fragrance that savored the atmosphere.
I traced an unknown foot prints on the unforgiving soil.
And there I found a dark tall man standing at the sea shore.
Right behind him, I stood admiring an enchanting beauty sent from the heavens.
I increased my foot pace,
And stood in front of him.
He stroke a successful smile,
Pinched his flirty grey eyes at me.
He was such a enchanting soul with a physique that speaks glory.
His dark shinny hair was my muse.
How do I define a man with a defined jaw?
and a slight tan.
He was such a beaut and more.
I watched him twitch his lips
as he rolled up the hands of his sleek white shirt.
He embraced his talking drum and stroke
I didn’t comprehend the tune of the beat until he whispered to my ears.
I began to dance joyfully to the tune of the drum beats
as my (ileké) waist beads trembled side to side.
And he called out
Orenté mi, Arewa mi, ifokanbalemi, Olori mi
Do-me a favor my Young pretty woman.
Re-store my love and make me your king
Mi- love for you will never know an end.
I promise to make you mine and hold you in my arms forever.

©Davies Seun

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