February 28, 2024

My Hajib My Identity

My Hajib, my dearest proud,
Each time I walk,
They speak, in the crowd.
Calling me names,
Far from my dignity,
I have lost opportunities, due to my Hajib,
They called me Allien,
When I apply for a job.

Marginalization is the nightmare I face.
Bully, the greeting I always accept.
Hajib displays the beauty in me.
I wear it not for fame,
My heavenly father,
Gives me the task.
My hajib, my identity.

My body is my happiness,
Everyone’s eyes should not take a glimpse at it.
I feel responsible,
With my Hajib on my head.

They called me an old lady,
With failed beauty.
A menace, I embrace with faith.
Accepting every word, in tears.
Afraid to be hurt, in fear.
My Hajib, my identity.

The cloud is dark, with bright stars.
I smile, under the bloody moon.
As my beauty, wonder of nature.
My culture and customs, dwell in me.
A proud daughter Mother Earth birthed.
My Hajib, my identity.

I am a Liberian with a passion for literature.
I love making words to feel good and to inspire people who are broken.
I am Sekou Donzo, I was born in Grand Bassa.
I am a Muslim by religion and a devoted researcher with a passion for reading.
I highly write I write when I am inspired, I also write when I am broken.
I love writing about reality.
I love words when they are coming from a poet.
Long live all poets.

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