May 22, 2024
In the flush of Love's light, we dare be brave. Relationships end too soon because people stop putting in the same effort to keep you as they did to win you.

TO Young Guys ( Single And Taken)
A Repsonse To “To Young Girls” by Solution

Asking a lady out shouldn’t be based on her beauty.
Wait, even when your brain tells you otherwise.
Hope she has the degree in Home management
That can last your Family forever?
Hope she can have intelligent discussions with you and not just “Omo”, “Ajeh”, “Guyyy”, “Likeeee”?

Young Guys! First do mathematics.
Analyze her Accounting, but before then , hope you are Hand-some.
Forget ENG 103 and ENG 106, it’s good to speak well.
But have you done the statistics or God will take control.
Well, Cassava, Garri, Eba and Corn to the rescue.

Young Guys, before entering
Make sure to be ready for it.
To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god.
In a relationship, each person should support the other.
Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there won’t be an end.

Then you’ll understand the reason why
Maya Angelou wrote “I know why the Caged bird sings”.
Why your mission in life is not to merely survive but to thrive.
Why you should try to live in a way that you’ll not regret years of useless virtue and inertia and timidity and
Why Christopher Okigbo said “We carry in our worlds that flourish, our worlds that have failed.”


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