April 16, 2024
"Our Chemistries are in alignment. I love him, I think I should let him get down with me just this once"

To Young Girls (Single & Taken)

Spreading your legs shouldn’t be based on your chemistry
Wait, when Biology happens,
Hope he has the financial accounting
To take care of your Home Economics?
Especially With The Economy
Of this present Region of Geography Called Africa.

Young Girls! First do the Mathematics
Analyze His Commerce
Forget Grammar whether He Speaks English or French
Then with all these Statistics
Carry out a Social study
Of Our Present government.

To be Sure before entering.
Make Sure That Your physics
Defy all the Laws Of Weakness.
Prepare Yourself Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally
And Financially, If not,
Your life will turn Into a Literature
For others to read And Learn.

Then you’ll understand the reason why
William Shakespeare said “life is a stage”
Why Chinua Achebe wrote Things Fall Apart!
Why Wole Soyinka wrote Abiku
Why J. P. Clark wrote Casualties.
Why Bayo Adebowale wrote Lonely days.
And why Buchi Emecta wrote Second class citizen
Dear, think twice before opening your legs.


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