February 28, 2024
These are the Haiku that made it to the voting stage. Take your time to peruse.

The Giant Pen Haiku Contest

Voices intertwine,

Democracy’s heartbeat thrives,

Freedom’s sacred dance.

Omole Emmanuel Inioluwa (Inigraphics)

2.Democracy is

 Equality through freedom

For all citizens.

Dauda Jimoh (Emancipator)

3. Not of the people

Neither by the said people

Yet, for the people

Favour Aliri (Gurlboss)

4. Stripped it is,the right.

Blinding the seen facts with  power.

Claiming the unseen.

Abdulrasheed Azeezat Adefunmilayo (Azeezat)

5. What gives room for code

and candidature en masse?

Democratic Rule

Oluwadamilare (Damilare)

6.Oh, What craziness

Demonstrating power

An elective crib.

Daniel David Micheal (Micheal)

7. Excercising right,

Masses, a priority

Lead by example!Ismail

Abiodun (Abiodun)

8. Bright voices unite

Choice and freedom, harmonize

Democracy thrives

Ayodele anuoluwapo Esther (Esther)

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