May 22, 2024

Snubbing your woman when you have a misunderstanding with her will cause disconnection. See, silent treatment dwindles emotional attachment and when a woman begins to feel detached, she becomes vulnerable to fall for any available affectionate guy around her.

The attention and affection you give your woman is like a shield against falling for other guys. When you pause it, any guy who gives her that affection and attention is likely to win over her feelings..

This doesn’t mean that you need to work to make a woman stay faithful. This doesn’t validate a lady cheating. This is to make you understand that sometimes feelings happen unaware. She might not plan to fall for another guy but because he’s always there when you snub her, he’s always there when you adopt silent treatment on her, he’s always showering her with care and affection when you deprive her of that. He gives her a listening ear when you don’t have her time.

Even if he’s just a friend to her, if this continues, unconsciously she’ll fall in love with him. Haven’t you ever fallen in love before realising?
It happens. Women are that fragile. Their heart yearns for where attention and affection is high. For an ideal woman, the highest affectionate man is close to her heart.

So because a woman is in a relationship with you doesn’t make her yours automatically. You must be consistent with giving the best of attention and affection. In this, she’s yours. But if you slack, she slips out of your custody..

So whenever you have issues with your woman. Do not waste time to solve the issues. Don’t do silent treatment, don’t snub, don’t!
You’re making her vulnerable to another guy’s attention, and affection. Believe me there are many guys giving what you ain’t giving at that moment. Be wise.

And yes, this goes both ways.

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