April 16, 2024

Tell Them Their Boundaries-Kingdom Light Message

There is a thin line of difference between “living a Christian life of ENDURANCE ( e.g. accommodating people and their faults) and been taken as a fool (been foolish)”

Living a Christian life is not a direct substitute of been taken as a fool, you have your ethics, you have your DOS and DONTS, you have values and self esteem to protect. So, learn how to speak out and tell people their boundaries when they tends to do otherwise.

Someone can not bring sht to your table and expect you to absorb it all in the name of living out the Christian life. NO! The fact that you are a Christian should be a better reason why you should show them to where they belong when they tends to do otherwise. We christians are not shitty people, we are people that have values to protect as well.

You know, people can be funny a times, they will deliberately offend you and await your feedback, yes, there are people like that. There are people on suit full of toxicity, they misbehave alot expecting you to take them the way they, bro, if you can’t not embrace self development, keep your nonsense to yourself. THERE IS ALWAYS A FEEDBACK FOR ANY REACTION.

A times, when you react to people’s offence, they do ask you something funny like “and you call yourself a Christian” … Funny

Christians overtime have been known and seen as people who don’t talk when people are stepping on them, people tends to see us a ground to dump their nonsense.

This has been a norms overtime because believers who doesn’t understand that verse have failed to set boundaries to put people where they belong. People should know what you accept or not even in your absence. Set boundaries, let people know where they belong in your life.

I am not asking you to take things the hard way, but always show people their limit and boundaries in your life when they do otherwise, if need be, SPEAK UP.

I believe this is will boast your self confidence to speak up when need be.

Kingdom Light Message

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