February 28, 2024
Everyone has a tale to explain the best way to explain is to write your feelings in lines. Sekouism a Liberian poet is taking you on a Journey of Street child. Read and appreciate later.

Street Child

I am a street child,
Living at slum sites.
I walk endlessly, unable to trace home.
Mother died.
Now father maltreats me,
He comes home drunk.
He hits me without mercy.
Daily he torments me.
He cares little about my emotions.

I am depressed,
Suicide calls.
I have no hope of living,
I left for the street.
I feel that the street, is better than home.
Home, where peace is banished.
I see other kids with painful stories.
Now we are one big family.
We face the truth,
We face the struggle of life together.
Hiding in the shadows,
We search for food.
Food to us is like gold.

Street life is a struggle,
But the street is home.
My home to be,
Until Death comes for me.
It is with hope I cry for help,
Help me, because I am human.
We all have blood in our veins.
Being a street child is no easy task.
If I die the street will bury me.


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