December 3, 2023

The Uncertainty in a Certain Land

You have seen, I have seen, the
Bread we crave and the water
We thirst in the hands of our
Emancipacitors, but mirage
They are, too far to reach
And not nigh to embrace.

We are in their promised promise
Land but milk and honey are not
Meant for all; only for the loyals
To their hoggish behest and ukase.
If you say no amen to their bid, you
Become their ghost at the devil’s hour.

We were promised heaven and earth
And heaven on earth, our stomach are
Filled with their avowals that refused
To match reality. Our lips cannot sing
Hallelujah, for joy in view is turned a
Successful mirage before our eyes.

Breakfast is promised, lunch is sure
And dinner is a deal; all an affirmed
Certainty but who will feed and feast
Becomes uncertain, for the meal is not
For all. The uncertainty in certainty.

What shall become of us that have no
Share or say? Let us, I pray, come afore
Maturity, before the blitz of reality and
Embrace the truth therein. There is no
Salvation with them. We save ourselves.
I stand at the bay watching-
Learning the language of my ink-
Learning how to handle my pen.


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