May 22, 2024
And I decided to start this epistle, to encourage souls and give life where hopes are dim and nebulous. If there is a particular theme or topic you would want me to write, kindly make use of the comment box... Thank you


Letter To Genesis

And to the haste in genesis write I:
And I see a sprouting lambent of hope
Trudging in the boulevard of unknown.
A ready mind filled with rushing hours-
And busy minutes dancing to the tune
Of tick and tack of time in its course.

In the beginning is the foundation-
A base to the chase and the insight
To the dream we aspire to acquire.
Help me, your ear, to take home my
Words to your faculty, lest you are
Come to the den of dire perplexity.

Listen, again, this dawn of counsel
And bury my words in your heart.
Make no haste to success for there
Is a successful defeat to the chase
To chase. Take time to take time ere
You are victim of loss in your course.

Take past questions from comrades
And follow the footprints laid of them.
Eat foot for thought for the thought is
Is of good, of progress and of success.
I’m the stubborn ear that refused words-
Learn of me, a victim and become better.
I stand at the bay watching-
Learning the language of my ink-
Learning how to handle my pen.


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