April 16, 2024


Tonight, we would be having a pep talk on a topic I believe is of utmost importance, ” Beyond degree”
I’ll start by asking this question, “Is degree the only way to success?”
What happens then if the degree we acquire doesn’t work out for us?

It’s a question to ponder on.
In the world today and in our society, a significant amount of emphasis is placed on educational degrees.We believe that these degrees are the keys to success and a way to secure the future.
However, I believe that degrees alone should not define our worth or limit our potentials.
Obtaining a degree is valuable but we must remember that it does not define our future and satisfaction in life.

Beyond our degrees lies a vast world of opportunities, experiences and personal growth.
We’ll talk on these opportunities and experiences that goes beyond our educational degrees.
Firstly, let’s consider the concept of learning (lifelong learning).Education does not stop at the completion of a degree. In fact, it is just the beginning. The world is constantly evolving, and it is crucial for individuals to continue learning and adapting to stay relevant in their fields. This means that while degrees provide a foundation, we have to continually expand our knowledge and skills beyond what was formally taught in a classroom.Lifelong learning simply means learning and studying to gain knowledge and self improvement not just to obtain a degree.As students or individuals, it is crucial to go beyond the mindset of studying obtaining a degree
We have to build up ourselves intellectually for the sole aim of being vast in knowledge.
Also, while studying or acquiring or degrees, there are other various things we can do.These include, skills acquisition, businesses, networking and many more.
We should not be limited.We must learn to think wide and discover different things we can do that goes beyond having a degree.Skill acquisition like we all know is acquiring and developing our skills.Gaining practical experiences in different fields of life.While working towards obtaining a degree,we should learn various skills or hand works e.g hair styling, crafts, designs, photography, etc. Some other skills can be acquired online in the comfort of our homes.We can utilize online courses, tutorials and workshops.
Develop your skills, Identify your strength and work on honing them.
Seek for opportunities to practice while in school and enhance your abilities.No knowledge is a waste.While acquiring these skills we gain knowledge which can help us even after obtaining our degrees.Being an entrepreneur is another way to go beyond degree
Whether as a side hustle or a main hustle,we should look for businesses we can start up to earn even as students.We must recognize that there are multiple parts to success and educational degrees are just one of these paths.

Beyond what was stated above, harness your talents and potentials, improve yourself and work on your ideas because success is not limited to a degree. Success is about the mindset and the actions you take.
An educational degree provide us with a foundation, but it is up to us to build upon it.We must go beyond the classroom to learn from real world experiences,expand our knowledge through self study and acquiring skills, seek mentorship and indulge in various businesses that can help us in the future.Also, beyond the degree, we must embrace the power of networking nd building meaningful relationships.It is often through these connections we discover and uncover opportunities to new possibilities.
In conclusion,here’s a question to know if we’re following and getting the points

Beyond our formal education,what other ways do you think knowledge be acquired?While degrees are important,they should not be the sole determinants of our worth or potential.We must go beyond the confines of traditional education and recognize the value of lifelong learning, practical experiences, entrepreneurship and unique talents.
The world is filled with endless possibilities for growth and improvement so it is up to each and every one of us to take that leap and create a life that goes far beyond what any diploma can offer.
Remember, a degree important but success is not limited to a degree.

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