February 28, 2024
Sekou Donzo is a young Liberian poet. He is urging every Liberian to read his poem on peace. Peace is like a sweet wine, its nourishment is a fruit for every nation's progress. The dark days are over, it is time that Liberians enjoy peace.


Take your task to protect your peace, you young patriot of Liberia.
With blood and iron defend it with ease, this is your future.

Our peace comes with harmony and
harmony comes with stability and
with stability we will grow together strong and healthy.
You young patriot take this task for your motherland.

Politicians will come and promise you change
Their words are sweet like honey with deceptive intent
To use your services for violence.
You young patriots see this as a joke
Defend your fatherland.

Let politicians know your loyalty belongs to your country,
Not a black heart with red blood.
Peace is life and life is joy.
Let peace ring in the ears of youth.
You young patriot must protect your sister’s land.

War is not good
If we fight and kill each other, who will take care of our land?
You young patriot, the peace of this country is in your hands.

Mothers are old
Fathers lack ideas
The future of this country depends on you.
Let us speak peace to every corner of our country.

Clear your minds
Erase your doubts about this election,
This process will be free and fair to the world.
You young patriot it is time you defend your land.

@Donzo Sekou

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