May 22, 2024


I’d like to share my experience with everyone. This is not to fetch pity but to learn a lesson.

When I gained admission, I lived in Ayegbaju, a village before Oye, where my school is situated.

During the long ASUU strike coupled with the COVID-19 break, I had to find myself a job to keep me busy and catch me some money.

I got a job and started working. My duty was to be a secretary(I had to attend to all the customers who wanted to open an account with the company).

As other customers would always come, an old man came (about 60 years of age), came along with his family. His wife and 3 well-grown children.

I gave them forms to fill and they all filled out their parts with my guidance. The Old man expressed his gratitude and I bid farewell to them as they left our office.

Whenever his account has issues, he always comes to our office to complain, and I usually attend to him. Then, he said instead of stressing himself about coming to our office always, he requested I give him my number to save him that stress.
I politely called out the office line because the office line is always with me.

ASUU called off strike and I had to return to school. I quit my job and went back to school. As a happy student would normally do, I posted on my WhatsApp status “School, here I come after a very long time”.
a few moments later, this man came into my D.M. and asked if I was attending the Federal University of Oye-Ekiti. And I respectfully replied to his message. “Yes, Sir.”
Then, he started asking me about the school and all that and also told me about his daughter who just secured admission into our school’s part-time program and he would like me to guide his daughter through.

Remember, he is an elderly man and a pastor as they call him. So, utmost respect is required of me. I agreed to render help to him by assisting his daughter.

Then, one fateful day he asked if he could come to pick me up at the school junction to help his daughter with everything necessary. I called my neighbor and informed her of where I was going and who I was going with. I made sure I gave her all the details. (I’m fond of doing that in case of anything)

I entered his car and was expecting to see his daughter but it was only him I saw. He said his daughter was already at the school gate doing some photocopies and we would have to go and join her there.

As he was driving, he complimented my dress and how outspoken I was. I thanked him and became mute. He was still speaking of how stressful it was coming down and appreciating me for agreeing to assist his daughter.

This man drove so fast and I told him we had passed where we were going. He said he had to pick up his daughter’s birth certificate and gave some excuses. As an elderly person and pastor, I believed him to some certain extent.

Until he drove into a compound I wasn’t acquitted with. There was a signboard of a motel on the gate of the compound. I was puzzled. I asked him what we came here to do and he was muttering. He couldn’t spell out any word not to talk of replying to my questions.

Fear enveloped me. My heartbeat raced. I was filled with so much fear. There wasn’t MTN service on my phone. In the compound, a guy came and welcomed him and he asked me to come out of the car. Omo, I knew something bad was about to happen.

So many things were going through my mind. What does this man want to do to me? Will this be the end of my life? What should I do? Oh, Lord just save me.

The next thing, some guys were welcoming him with bows. And they gave him a key. It was as if my brain was empty and was programmed to be mute.

He went inside and drew my left hand and I followed him “ignorantly”. He locked the door behind me and threw the key in a place I wouldn’t get it and started pulling his clothes.

My eyes widen. I started frigetting. My body was full of sweat from nowhere. There was an Air conditioner there but I was full of sweat.

He said I should draw closer and I screamed. What are you doing, Sir? Take me out of here. I will shout. Just take me back to my school. He stretched his hands to my gown and pulled it up. I used my hand to jerk away his hands off my dress. I screamed, leave me alone.

I thought of begging him since there was no help forthcoming. I couldn’t hear anyone’s voice or anyone approaching the room we were in.

Please sir, what is my offence? I only wanted to help you. What have I done to deserve this? Please sir, just let me go.

He said “Just one time, you are a set babe. Your blood is fresh and I need a fresh girl like you” C’mon. Let me lick you.

I knelt down to beg this man but he forcefully tore my gown and proceeded to my thight. I screamed, ”Please sir, I am on my period” he turned deaf ears and brought out his penis.

Now I know I am doomed. Oh Lord help me.

He saw the blood on my pants and said I should turn my back but as I was about to free myself from his captivity, I bit his lap. And quickly grabbed his phone and told him I was going to tell his wife all that had happened.

I threatened him to give me the key and let me go. He went on his knees and pleaded that I shouldn’t do anything funny. I told him only if he opened the door and took me to where he picked me from.

Thanks to God, my dress wasn’t so torn. So, he dressed up and Seatched for the key and led the way.

I was so scared to get into his car but I had no choice either. The place was in a far bush area. I am alien to that vicinity.

I entered his car and instructed him to start the car and start driving. I didn’t know where that spirit and audacity came over me.

I just knew I was in control. He kept on apologizing and apologizing. He is pleased that his wife doesn’t get to know about what had happened between us. He requested for my account details and I told him I didn’t need his money.

But, I thought I needed evidence if I was going to be believed by whoever I narrated my ordeal to. So, I accepted. He sent me a sum of money (I’ve forgotten the amount but I think if I still get an account statement, I will remember).

He dropped me at the school junction and I alighted. I quickly took a bike and went home. I narrated my experience to my neighbor and gave God the glory that I escaped being raped and used.

Not much later, he sent a message apologizing, in fact, a series of messages which I still have saved in case of future reference as evidence.



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