May 22, 2024


Your smile, reflection of moon it’s,
My breath it takes, but still alive,
Your face, bright as the sun,
Shining through my soul, taking away my opaqueness.

Silk you’re, so tender to my liking,
I won’t mind caressing you, since every touch is desired,
Your lips, juicy en kissable they’re,
You leave me in gaze, for staring I won’t cease!

I never believed in angels, fairy tales they’re,
I’m no bat, I’ve seen an angel,
Blessed in cuteness, an emblem over your head,
Protect me like Gabriel, sent to me you’re.

I’m building a castle in the air, with your throne in it,
Rule my kingdom heart, for your subject it’s,
Her majesty you’re, you can’t be dethrone,
Side by side we’ll rule, your king I wanna be!

©Mylistic Master Pen

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