May 22, 2024

Menace in The Country Today-THE Way Forward” (Davies Seun)

The present situation in the country today is quite alarming!
An hostile atmosphere has been created for both internal and external members. The Nigerian citizens are scared of stepping out of their homes, foreigners are scared of visiting the country due to the high level of insecurity in the country.
Awkward events ranging from kidnapping, Police brutality. The Herders, the unknown Gun men , Rituals and other crisis such as inflation of price on commodities (Food items) , Financial Crisis, Economy recession, job unemployment, Academic strike which constantly leaves our hearts in grievance.
The market measures our pockets and drains it instantly.
We purchase goods beyond estimated budget due to the inflated prices.
It has been realized that the challenges of insecurity in the country today has basically emanated to the low production of food resources because nowadays, farmers are scared of going to the farm to source for food as usual due to the inexplicable actions of the Herders and the unknown Gun men. Very devastating I must say!
The alarming insecurity in the country cannot be overemphasized as the Tourism and hospitality industry is also faced with the same challenges.
One of the fastest growing industry that contributes to the Economic development of the country is the Tourism and the hospitality industry (Airports, Travel agencies, Hotels, Airlines, transport sector, Restaurants) where travel and hospitality services are rendered to both domestic and international tourist in exchange for profit.
The profit generated from these services are sources for government revenues, foreign exchange, income, employment opportunities, development of infrastructures and superstructures.
However, the economy of the country gradually reclines as a result of low patronage level in the year 2021. Meanwhile ,the flow of tourist according to the latest UNWTO records 1.3 billion in the year 2017-2018. The variance is much higher compared to year 2021.

Job Unemployment remains another challenging factor in the country today!
Staffs with higher degrees are paid off, not because they are incompetent, but because the travel and hospitality industry are unable to consecutively meet up with their monthly pay roll.
This has become a subsequent actions that leaves such staff in great dismay.
An average number of graduates are wandering the streets today, scouting for white collar jobs. Standard organizations where they could boldly place their theoretical knowledge into practical skills are no longer recruiting for reasons of low patronage.
Tourist are majorly conscious of their lives and properties and so they rather stay at home than visit attractions when the country at large is highly in-secured.
The Nigerian Youths are frustrated with the outcome of job Unemployment and this has lured many into inexorable acts of fraud, drug smuggling, robbery, kidnapping of people, and requesting for a huge ransom for their release.
The inadequate circulation of money across the whole part of country is due to unemployment, lost jobs, low income, low patronage level, inflation of commodities prices, low foreign earnings and above all, money is embezzled in seats of power.
Academic Strike is another great MENANCE that’s disturbs the future of the great Nigeria Students of both Universities and Polythenics.
Probably the Federal government (FG) has no idea how disheartening it is to experience long-term delays in our academic activities because their own children are studying in the overseas.
What do we say of a student who intends spending 2/4 years but ends up spending extra two years? This yields no delight to us at all, as we do not grow any younger.
The Educational system in the country requires a total overhaul. The impacts of the ASUU/ASUP STRIKE negatively affects our mental health.
If anything needs to be changed in this country, I must say, the governmental & Educational system needs a big change, not the name of the Country. It is irrelevant to change the container when the content inside is nothing to write home about.
Talk of the new name “UAR” UNITED AFRICANS REPUBLIC.
In what way have we ever been united?
No fair justice, the government enacts the law and breach it at same time, high level of discrimination in the Society today and lots more.
Elected candidate in the political sectors fails to fulfill their promise as it were said before the finals. They act otherwise, enslave us, deprive us our fundamental human rights and each time we fight for it, our corpse are sent home. “THE LEKKI MASSACRE” marks a memorable day, never to be forgotten in history.
Take us back to the date you established independence. The masses are dying in your hands!


°The Judiciary bodies should enforce a law against the rampant slaughtering of innocent lives by the Herders & unknown gun men so as to create a safe and secured environment for every citizen outside and inside the country.

°The government should ensure opportunities are created for job applicants so they can earn a legal source of income in the country.

°There should be a reduction in Price ranges of goods, so it can be affordable for customers to purchase.

°The enforcement agencies should ensure travelling buses or cab are properly inspected at check points so as to reduce the act of Kidnapping.

° The Federal government (FG) Should place fair considerations in the future of the Nigeria students, when taking prospective actions .

°The governmental and Educational system of the country needs to be restructured appropriately.

° The government should ensure we the citizens of the country exercise our fundamental human right, and create legacies against police brutality. We had enough of blood sheds. We have the right of freedom of speech and movement.

°Policies that will yield a positive change in the country should be enacted and regulated .

Article by Davies Seun
Contact: +2349150781059

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