May 22, 2024
I'm tired of life. Failure lingers around always with no result to show. Am I not a failure? I'm tired of explaining with no evidence. Life, why me?


Life is a journey
Full of several failures
But we need sailors
To help avoid the storm of failure
So as not to face seizure
Of success as pleasure
As success is a treasure
Which we can rarely measure

Failure seems measurable
Failure doesn’t mean miserable
Failure is a stepping stone
To a greater height of success
Let’s not see failure as displeasure
But rather as part of life
Because it is a knife
That shares the bread of success in life.

Wait o, isn’t life of two sides?
Aren’t failure and success rides
To life journey accomplishment?
Why then regret a mere accomplishment
After several failures?
Isn’t that stupidity?
Isn’t that lack of maturity?

Life is truly a journey
With ups and downs
Just stay firm and you
Shall have the jewel.
Remember that you are the Lion;
Your success is the Jewel.
Gold went through fire before
It became something valuable.
Always stay calm and trust the process.
It will lead to sure success.


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