February 28, 2024
For my mother, I love her. Macenta is her birthplace, for this home is the love I wish to express to her behalf.

I see macenta

I see macenta

A land of super wonders

Of gallant men and women

Macenta is a place to be

Like New York in America

Macenta is a place in Guinea

A city built with endless courage and passion

I once visited Macenta when I was two and a half years old

A land of hard-working people

Filled with happiness and HumanityA tale from my mother

I see macenta

As I smile at the beautiful weather of this land

Like a mountain in the forest

Macenta will forever be praise

Where tradition and our culture are highly practiced

A hustling ground filled with determined youths

I see macenta

Marketers selling to make living

Educating their children as a future saving

Macenta is a land of super wonders

A place of dream living

Macenta shine to give light


Dedicating this poem to my mother Matene Camara

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