April 16, 2024

I Am The Enemy You Killed, Brother

Dada Oluwalayomi Dorcas (Tabitha Writes)

It was 1AM in the morning.The very hour one pays unusual attention to the ticking of the clock and every creepy-crawly on the walls and floor. Darkness engulfed the room and the silence so deafening, greeted your presence.I tossed and turned. Tossed and turned again. That was when I felt it – the cold hand of death. The hand that did not just rest on my arms, but on my future, my ambitions, my hopes, my aspirations, and my entire life itself.My teeth grappled with your hand which was placed over my mouth to shut me up forever. My struggle was pointless, as the first piercing of the knife stung deep into my belly. Then the second. Then the third. The last penetrated into my heart sniffing every ounce of air out of me. Awashed in “teary” blood, I could still smell it – it was you. You who taught me the hour’s hand and minutes hand on the dial, who cycled on bicycle with me, who fought off my bullies at school, who tended to my wounds, who catered to my childishness, who made me laugh until my belly ached, who always got me my favorite blueberry ice cream and chocolate. It was you, you who always carried the smell of Pears petroleum jelly on you. It was you, my dear ‘Tony big’.Questions burned on my mind. How did it get so bad between us that even the blood we shared couldn’t save me from you? How could such warm love quickly translate into bitter hate? My life flashing before my eyes was not as painful as watching you abandoning my bloodied body, slamming the door behind you, and leaving me there for dead.I was just ten.But would you have imagined that it is I, the sister you killed who now sits inside the body of your darling daughter? You need not be too surprised – there is a force who hears the cries of young blood. The earth threw me right back out of it for my time had been unjustly timed.I am not here as the sister you once knew. Watch your back, a monster has been born. It shall haunt your household and destroy everything on its path. It shall tear you to pieces and chunks. Your joy now knows sorrow. Your laughter, tears. Your happiness, sadness. Your hopes henceforth, dashed. A monster has been born.It is Tuesday, August the second, 2011. Exactly five years after you cut an innocent life short. And it is 1 AM in the morning.I have come for you. Here for all that you have. You toss, you turn. You toss, you turn again. Darkness fills the room and the silence echoes the loudest noise you’ve ever heard.My blood-stained hands find you. There’s no running away now. At last, your iniquity has caught up with you. The enemy you killed is here for you, brother. Get ready to die.

Name: Dada Oluwalayomi Dorcas

Pen name: Tabitha writes

Faculty: Arts

Department: English language

Level: 100

Dada O. Dorcas is a writer who is determined to reach the world one word at a time. Words are to her, a favorite accessory

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