April 16, 2024

I Am The Enemy You Killed, Brother Muritala Sanusi Muhammad

“You may go have some rest at the company’s lodge, the Secretary will complete the transfer formalities” Mr Zaidi said to Emre who had just been transferred to their Ads company’s branch at California. They shook hands and Emre zoomed off to the lodge wondering how successful Mr Zaidi is at his young age ( around 8 years younger than Emre). “Well, well” He lit his cigarette and leaned against the wall of the lodge’s balcony, he has come this far alone, the then ticket-seller, he chucked. Emre was only some days above six when his parents were divorced, he wished to go with his Mum but the Court’s verdict was that he stayed with his Dad due to his Mum’s incapabilities. Two years on and his Dad passed away, unlucky Emre had no information about his Mum’s whereabouts so he lived life hustling his way through. Twenty years later is when Emre received a call. Alas, it was his long lost Mom, she told him of how much she had tried to meet him before being fortunate enough to see his contact number on the TV screen. She also narrated of how she had settled down with another man at California, infact Emre now has a step brother. They’d talk often and Emre couldn’t wait to meet his brother. “Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll ensure to get transferred to California for you and my brother”, a promise he made to his Mother.He put the cigarette away after the bittersweet flashbacks and picked his phone to call his Mum. It was just then he saw a woman weeping from the other side of the balcony, he couldn’t stop himself as he left to the woman’s. “This man will kill me!” the woman said weeping profusely as he hugged Emre. Shocked Emre couldn’t believe what was happening, so he asked to be told the woman’s story and she narrated how her husband tortured her bad and how he’s a workaholic and never had her time, the story went on and on and Emre tried his best to console her. She wiped her tears and stood to prepare drinks for them two, just when Emre’s Mum called. “ I was just about to call, Mum. Landed at California not long ago, I’ll see you tomorrow unfailingly…. and my brother too, the wait is over” “I’ll call Zaidi and tell him you’re in the city” his Mum replied. “Zaidi?” “Hello, hello” his phone went off. Lyna brought the drinks, just as they cheered, Zaidi, Lyna’s husband entered. Lyna pushed Emre away and ran to Zaidi “Thank God you came, this monster wants to rape me”, she shed crocodile tears. “Didn’t you join today? Is this how you’re?” “Hello, Police….”. Beforr Emre could explain himself, the Police arrived and took him away. Zaidi made sure he was charged to court the next day and he was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for several charges. Alia, Emre and Zaidi’s Mum saw it on the TV the next day she angrily went to Zaidi’s office, slapped her and held her by the ears to the car. “Come and sign his bail, Emre is your step brother” Zaidi couldn’t believe his ears, he wept, she wept. People are already gathered at the prison pitying the situation. “He was just imprisoned yesterday, how could he commit suicide” the Warder mumbled. Alia broke to tears when told that Emre committed suicide leaving behind a note . “ Your God sees all, I’m not guilty of any charge. Though in a sad way, but at least I met you before my death. I’m the enemy you killed, Brother

”Name of Author: MURITALA SANUSI Muhammad

Department: Agriculture

Phone number: 09131274459

Title of the prose: I’m the enemy you killed, brother

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