February 28, 2024

Iyanuoluwa Favour
I am the enemy you killed, Brother

Once, we were bound by blood, sharing the same laughter and tears. Our childhood was a tapestry of shared dreams and innocent mischief. But somewhere along the way, our paths diverged, and the winds of fate transformed us into adversaries.

Our story is a tragic one, a tale of two brothers torn apart by circumstance and driven to opposing sides of a bitter conflict. Once we played with toy soldiers, fighting imaginary battles in our backyard. Little did we know that life would mold us into real soldiers, standing face to face on opposite ends of the battlefield, weapons in hand.

I remember the day we met on the battlefield. The air was heavy with the acrid stench of gunpowder, and the sky wept tears of sorrow.In that fleeting moment, I saw the reflection of my own self in your eyes, a reflection tainted by the cruel realities of war.

We both knew the gravity of the situation, the weight of our actions. We were each other’s enemy, but deep down, we still held a bond that no war could sever. We were victims of circumstance, trapped in a cycle of violence and bloodshed. It was a tragedy, a family torn apart.

As the bullets flew and explosions thundered around us, we hesitated. Our hands trembled, torn between duty and the flickering ember of our shared past. We saw glimpses of the innocent children we once were, the echoes of our laughter and dreams. But the war demanded our allegiance, and we had no choice but to obey.

And so, the unthinkable happened. The trigger was pulled, and a bullet tore through the air, shattering the fragile remnants of our brotherhood. In that moment, life and death collided, and I became the enemy you killed, brother.

But even in death, I hold no anger towards you. In the end, we were both victims of a world that failed us. As I fade into the realm of memory, I hope that one day, our shared legacy will serve as a cautionary tale, a reminder of the war and the bonds we forge in life.

So, remember me not as the enemy you killed, but as the brother you lost. Let my death be a catalyst for change, a plea for peace in a world torn apart. For in the end, the true enemy is not each other, but the forces that drive us to destroy what we hold most dear. May my sacrifice serve as a beacon of hope, a reminder that in our shared humanity, lies the power to heal and rebuild.

Farewell, my brother. May we find solace in the embrace of forgiveness, and may our souls find peace in the eternal expanse of the heavens. I am the enemy you killed, but in death, I hope to be the catalyst for a future where brothers never have to become enemies again.

Full name: Fasuyi Favour Iyanuoluwa
Pen name, nickname or moniker: Favourite ink
Faculty/department: Education/Arts Education

SHORT biography:I’m a student in the University of ilorin, studying Education and English language.I hail from Osun State,ilesha.My Alma Mater is Never give up.I have skills like editing of project, graphic design, doing assignment, CV writing and application letter, certificate making and designing.

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