February 28, 2024

I Am The Enemy You Killed, Brother

I thought I was right. An adage says; An elder’s experience is by miles ahead of the lad. But, How authentic is this? Perhaps it’s. Probably because they’ve lived longer than us. Thus, I thought otherwise.And this happened….Few months back I walked down the path that leads to my home. I think of those days of failure,a past full of regrets… Can the present be better? Won’t the past come hunting? Peem!peem! the sound of the car honing at my back jolted me back to the present.And what is the past that keeps hunting?Oh gosh… I forgot to tell you who I am. My name is Oluwafikayomi, an 18 year old graduate of a notable polytechnic in my vicinity. I’m the first female child of my family, and an apple to father’s eye. This made me seldomly relate with people. Sounds hilarious right? lol… I know I’m a weirdo.Condition they say is not permanent. Things get tough for my family,but my Dad still makes sure we eat 3 times a day. It wasn’t easy I could say. One particular day, I found a job opportunity . Eiii, May God punish poverty. My Dad discovered what I put myself into. He begged me to quit, but it was a NO for me. I went to the job orientation and training in secret everyday rather than going to school. We were told education is a scam; thousands of graduates are out there without a job. A man even came out and said he was a first class graduate seeking a job on the streets of Lagos for a good 2 years. Ọmọ na so my head reset that I was wasting my time in school. As time goes on I also crave for a good life. I got derailed because I couldn’t appreciate. I eventually ran away from home to satisfy my curiosity about life. I left home due to the belief that my parents don’t know better than I do. I learnt my lessons the hard way… I made everyone worried,I talked back to my parents like it’s a normal thing. Gosh! I’ve over-do things I know.I returned home and came to my senses. Those people preaching education na scam make sure their children attend the best school ever. Some of these people even go far In their education. So who am I? I eventually realized I was being brainwashed all this while. With education, you can go far in life. The street taught me a lot within the short period I was away from home. Education is the best gift parents can give their children. My parents were always right. My father always said one step at a time. If you eventually climb to the top without proper education,you’ll fall with nothing to stand on. I learnt from my experience but I still feel an abash of myself till date. It always takes a toll on me.KeenMy name is Isiaq Akeemat DamilolaMy pen name is KeenA student of UnilorinI’m studying chemistry Education, department of science education, faculty of education,200l.

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