April 16, 2024

I Am The Enemy You Killed, Brother Feyishola Mercy

Once upon a time, in the peaceful Ijagbemi community, nestled in the heart of Ogun State, lived two twin brothers named Taiwo and Kehinde. They were the apple of their parents’ eyes, the only children of Mr and Mrs Adekanbi. From a young age, Taiwo and Kehinde were inseparable. They shared a bond that went beyond blood. Their days were filled with laughter, mischief, and dreams for the future. They played ball together, attended school side by side, and confided their secrets in each other.However, despite their strong bond, there was a dark shadow that loomed over their lives. Their father, fondly called Baba Ibeji, had a clear preference for Kehinde. He adored Kehinde for his intelligence, gentle nature, and unwavering dedication to his studies. In his will, Baba Ibeji bequeathed 70% of his property to Kehinde and only 30% to Taiwo. This unequal distribution of wealth sowed seeds of jealousy and bitterness in Taiwo’s heart, turning the once-best friends into bitter rivals.Consumed by hatred and driven by the desire to possess all the wealth, Taiwo hatched a sinister plan. He schemed to eliminate his own brother, leaving him as the sole inheritor. Taiwo invited Kehinde for a boat ride, where he planned to carry out his treacherous act. As they sailed along the river, Taiwo seized the opportune moment and stabbed Kehinde, casting him into the murky depths.Unbeknownst to Taiwo, a beautiful young lady named Iwalewa had been watching the brothers from a distance. She was captivated by their bond and had grown concerned as their relationship deteriorated. As fate would have it, Iwalewa was not just an innocent bystander; she was a trained nurse. When she witnessed the horrific act committed by Taiwo, she mustered all her courage and rushed to Kehinde’s aid.With immense effort, Iwalewa managed to save Kehinde’s life. She took him to her house, treated his wounds, and kept him hidden from Taiwo’s prying eyes until he regained his strength. Meanwhile, Taiwo spun a web of lies, claiming that Kehinde had followed a strange girl and never returned from their boat ride. Everyone, including their grieving mother, Tope, believed that Kehinde had met an untimely demise. Tope, the epitome of faith and resilience, prayed fervently for her lost son’s return.A year passed, and Kehinde decided it was time to reveal himself. Accompanied by police officers, he confronted his family, including the remorseful Taiwo. Fear gripped Taiwo’s heart as he stood face to face with the brother he believed he had killed. Trembling, he heard Kehinde’s haunting words, “I am the enemy you killed, brother.” Kehinde recounted the events that had unfolded, leaving their mother in tears of joy and Taiwo drowning in deep regret. The weight of his actions pressed heavily upon him, and he wept, pleading for forgiveness.However, justice had its course. The police officers promptly apprehended Taiwo for his heinous crime, and he was sentenced to six years in prison. Kehinde, on the other hand, found solace and love in Iwalewa, who had selflessly saved his life. Their affection blossomed into a deep bond, and they decided to marry, vowing to build a future filled with happiness and understanding.In the end, the tale of the twin brothers served as a cautionary reminder of the destructive power of envy and greed. It also showcased the triumph of love, forgiveness, and the resilience of the human spirit. And as Kehinde and Iwalewa embarked on their journey together, their love would serve as a testament to the power of redemption and second chances.

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