February 28, 2024

Life Is Unpredicted Daniel David MichaelKehinde’s week had not gone as he hoped, It has always been one job emergency to the other at his office to the extent he postpone some and attends to the ones he think have immediate attention.Kehinde started pondering on some issues on his way home on his Toyota Jeep after having gone through a day of hectic work, One of the issue was Kayode’s death which seem to be case of grieve for him.Kayode was his twin brother who was involved in a car accident because of brake failure and unfortunately he died few minutes after he was taken to the hospital.His mother could not deal with this that she went into coma after the formalities of the burial were done.All these happened within three months and it was a hard pill for Kehinde to swallow at a go that it sent a tear running down his left cheek as he was driving.

* * * * *

As this events unfold,Kehinde had always being feeling that someone was following him and at the same time a faint voice keeps calling his name which makes him look like a lunatic at times in front of people especially at work since he is the only one that hears the voice.

* * * * *

His wife Tina,was the first to welcome him when he arrived and then his three children all frolicked around him but he was hardly paying attention to their welcome that he went upstairs,Tina who seem to notice his attitude just stared as he walked to the Bedroom comprehensively.Kehinde kept pondering on so many things as he sat on the sofa opposite his bed space and at the same time he kept staring at the mirror beside it unconsciously.Consciously his mind went to his mother who has been through so much in life by firstly losing her husband to cancer and secondly losing three of her six children with Kayode making the fourth,She could not bear living seeing her children dying one by one that she gave in to coma.

* * * * *

Suddenly, Kayode’s mind jerked back to reality with his eyes still focused on the mirror and with shock this time, He was staring at his reflection but actually seeing someone else’s reflection and the image was bleeding from his sensory organs but regardless he threw an unidentified grin at Kehinde.Kehinde on the other hand, could not do anything other than standing with mouth agape as if he just had an epiphany…..”Shola!!?”was what he said suddenly. Shola is his older brother who died from a plane crash when kehinde and Kayode were just toddlers and this same Shola extended his index finger to kehinde still maintaining that grin”l AM THE ENEMY YOU KILLED,KEHINDE..” are the words that proceeded from the image mouth and it vanished leaving kehinde reflection to its normal form as if it was never there.

NAME: Daniel David Michael

DEPARTMENT:Arts Education

FACULTY: Education


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