February 28, 2024

I Am The Enemy You Killed, BrotherBoluwade Glory Oluwabusayo (OPEC)

The boy ran through the forest with his heart racing faster than the passing time. As the cold air blew, yet he could not feel it. It was a night, a time of darkness when the gentle, weak, unsuspecting lives are preyed on. This scrawny-looking boy ran not out of fear of the dark and unknown, but out of fear of the past he had just buried. He ran further, leaving the past behind. Finally, he heard the sound of cars and knew he made it out. He sighed in relief feeling a surge of joy in him until he froze on his first step, ‘Brother’ He looked back in fear but saw no one. He realized it was his illusion. He is now the Judas and the Jesus he has betrayed will never come back because he is dead. Yes, his enemy is dead. From now on, it will only be him and him alone… Kelvin sat up in shock. It took some seconds before he came back to reality. The past will always leave a mark, but Kelvin does not count that. He quietly prepared for a new day at work and when he was ready, he stared at the thirty years old man in the mirror who now looks different in comparison with the seventeen years old scrawny looking boy of the past. To the people he meets daily, Kelvin is a successful, kind and humble gentleman. To put it simply, he is the angel in everyone’s heart. This angel knows the number of grievances he holds in his heart. As Monday morning is a busy day, Kelvin arrived early at his work only for him to meet others congratulating a fellow director who had just acquired a contract for the company. He could not describe what he was feeling; whatever he felt was covered up with a smile. He approached him and expressed his congratulations but, in his mind, he exclaimed, ‘How can you be better than me?’ This grievance dwelled in his mind till he got back to his abode where he had a set of files waiting in his study room. Each file contains personal information of the people working in the company and those he has a personal grudge against. Besides these files is an old newspaper talking about a dead body found in the forest. Kelvin sat down behind these files and stared at the newspaper. The day was still fresh in his mind; The image of the 14-year-old boy, with hope and trust brimming in his eyes, trailing behind the 17 years old him with assurance and trust. He was such a good boy and that was the disadvantage because people liked him more. While Kelvin was lost in thought, a message was sent to his phone. Immediately he checked it, he felt a sense of dreadful familiarity. The message read: I AM THE ENEMY YOU KILLED, BROTHER Name: Boluwade Glory Oluwabusayo

Pseudonym: Opec

Department: Art Education

Level: 200l

Short Biography: Glory is from Ekiti State, Nigeria. She is 19 years old and is currently a student of University of Ilorin. She loves reading novels, most especially, Chinese novels. She wrote her first novel when she was 15 years old. She loves writing novels of different genres and setting. She has written five novels and one novella

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