April 16, 2024

I Am The Enemy You Killed Brother-Abdulfatai Maimunat Ayomide. Rose took out an old picture (in the picture a girl and a boy about 16 and 17 years old hold hands) from her pocket , she looks longingly at the picture, smiled sadly,kissed and keeps the picture. She comes out of the room to address her subordinates.This mission will be tough, she began solemnly, it might be our last mission.” She paused and looked around we are to assassinate Ghost. Rose announced. In an abandoned factory, blood spills as men from both Rose and Ghost’s side fall dead. Ghost and Rose stands face to face ready to fight, suddenly Rose attacked and Ghost dodged. This continues and the fight went on for some minutes with no winner. Then a picture fell from Rose pocket and she rushed to pick it— enough time for Ghost to shoot her.”Pa pa!” Two bullets, one on her leg the other her stomach.”I won’t kill you, though a woman, you are talented but unfortunately we are enemies.” Ghost moves to handcuff herRose hugs the picture tightly as she breathe with difficulty.”Tsk, tsk what’s so dear to you that you can even exchange your life for it?” he questioned curiously as he try to handcuff her when she suddenly attacked with all her strength.”Admit defeat! Ghost roared as he handcuffs her hurriedly and gives a sigh of relief as he narrowly dodged the attack.The picture from earlier fell on the floor again and Rose struggled to pick it.Surprised at her stubbornness, Ghost picked the picture and was shocked.”This is me and….how did you get the picture?!” Ghost exclaimed in shock”I’m the one in the picture” she scoffed.”I am brother! I’ve been looking for you…you can’t recognize me?” He questioned endlessly and hugged her tightly.Rose came out of her shock and tears rolled out of her eyes.”Bro…brother” she called softly in tears.”Yes it me!” He said happily as he removes the handcuff”Finally, I meet you again” she smiled painfully.”You’ve changed! why are you here…doing this?” He questioned as different emotions flash through his eyes”It a long story…I was taken by an organization and this is where I am today” she answered as he tied his cloth over her wound.”So you are the infamous Rose…the number one criminal on our list” he said amused.”Brother…” She called out as she jumped into his arm which caught him unaware and a gunshot follows with a muffled groan.”I’m very happy to see you again, it’s actually good this way because I don’t want to burden you or see you in pain…”she smiled as tears roll out of her eyes… “I don’t want you to chose between me or being a good person, tell the FBI that the number one criminal— Rose is gone….. I…I… love…. you….she gripped his hand tightly. “tell… them… I am the… enemy… youuu killed brother.” She took her last breath.”Noooooooo!!!” Ghost screamed anguished.Maimunah Name: Abdulfatai Maimunat AyomidePen name: @MaimunahDepartment: Arts EducationFaculty: EducationLevel: 100My name is Abdulfatai Maimunat, a student of University of Ilorin from faculty Education- studying English Education. I am an indigene of Osun state; Ikire Irewole Local Government Area. I’ve always love writing as it is a way of expressing oneself without any limitation, to me writing is a world where I am the creator of everything.

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