February 28, 2024
Do you think men are everything? Do you think the girl child has no much impact or efficacy in this contemporary world? Read through, I believe you will have a new mindset to give her a voice.


And I heard a voice from the dim-
A little tiny voice from beneath
Meandering through the wealthy
Cubicle of our generous misers-
Beckoning for a rostrum, a voice
To air her view, her point, her voice.

She’s the famous tomorrow that
Died yesterday, a great light that
Dimmed for peace, a fallow fertile
Land untouched and unblemished.
Her voice is ceased and blocked-
Her beauty is tainted of gender.

Give her a voice, give her a voice-
Give her a voice to voice out loud.
There is life in her stolen basement-
A base to consolidate our shaky
Brass tacks. She’s a means to the
End we pray and wish and dream for.

She’s the better half of our halves-
A divine deal of Divine in heavens.
Give her a chance and change shall
Take its course. She’s the course
That will curse our accursed bliss-
A favour from the Father to favour us.

Give her a voice, give her a voice-
Allow her in the midst of men and
See the glory emanating from her
Loins. She’s a story untold, unveiled-
Unfolded. Let her unlock the answer
To the quest that denied us slumber.
I stand at the bay watching-
Learning the language of my ink-
Learning how to handle my pen.


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