May 22, 2024
Sex is a fire in disguise of a sensation that destroys lots of unseen benefitial things.


Sex is a sensation
Caused by lustful attraction
Which triggers the emotion
And makes two sexes access the situation
Which makes a collocation
For a strong demonstration
Leading to an eternal damnation
For two souls, it’s a conjunction
Without a critical caution
It can lead to an eternal destruction.

We need to get sex education,
A legendary hero of nullification
To those who sees the demonstration
As a treasure of pleasure.
So as to be warned of the danger
That lingers around the sensation
That render the brain senseless
Not until fleshy pleasure is derived.

Oh girl, please check your dressing
To avoid the uncontrollable
And makes things look pleasuring
When the end thereof is destruction.

Oh guy! Zip up and try to rule
Your uncontrolled mind
To avoid being sued for
A crime you never wished for.
Let’s all teach ourselves moral;
Sex can mar us as teen.

A sex is a fire that causes
The unwanted destruction like a weed.
Self control is the only extinguisher.
Dear Girl, control yourself!
Dear Guy control yourself!
Everyone, control yourselves!


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