April 16, 2024


This Is An Act Which Involves Having More Than One Partner In A Relationship.

The first form of cheating is double dating , this Is preferring and spend more emotional time with an opposite sex more than your partner. One deep revelation we must know about love is that you can never love two person equally and same way.

No matter how skillful you are as a man, you can never love two ladies equally, ladies, John is supplying you love, peter is paying your bill and matthew is buying airtime. Welldone, double dater.



1. FEAR OF HEARTBREAK Or BREAKUP: people double date because they are not sure of the future of the relationship they are in now. Painfully speaking, many of us in relationships are only plan B to our partners.

This is why a man can breakup now and in two months time his wedding card is out with another lady. Once you are in a relationship of uncertain future, quickly call your partner to order. Don’t continue a relationship you know is not going anywhere, you may just be a plan B or even C self.

accepting your partner the way they are and preferring them above every other possible option. Without contentment, you can never be faithful in your relationship.

No matter how beautiful your lady is as a man, you will always see another lady more beautiful than your lady, it takes contentment to focus on your lady alone. If you like fair women, you will meet many fair women in this life, if you are not contented you will go for more fair women

They will always be another option outside, it takes contentment to remain focus and faithful to your partner. It is cheating to be in a relationship and still receive emotional needs from your ex- partners.

I trust God you have received values. Stay tuned for more.

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