February 28, 2024

Daily Swot
By Peter Swot

‘Your generation and the next to come will suffer the pain of depression and no amount of prayer will stop it’, Jane blasted from the hollow of pain. Blood marries the floor, steadily moving like an unbothered snake enjoying the breeze of preparing rain. Her gown is stained while she submitted to weakness from blood loss.

Jane completed her degree in Mass Communication from a popular federal university in Nigeria in 2022 — this was a great feat for her as no one ever wrestled with ‘drop out’ in her family and won. Jane’s parents survive by farming which is, no doubt, a hand to mouth. Jane being the last born among four, however, broke the jinx miraculously by graduating after all her siblings had tried but all dropped out of school and resulted back in the street of hustle.

The exuberance of being a graduate rented the brain of Jane and she prepared for the fun and feel of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) which everyone usually claims. A lot of claims that people find their spouses during NYSC were dearly grabbed in the brain of Jane and she prepared to surely have one in camp or post-camp. She left home to answer the call of her dear nation, Nigeria, for the one year NYSC programme. The smiles written in the cheeks of her parents are more beautiful than Korean guys — the joy of ‘Our daughter made it to this level’.

Third day in camp, activities were stressful yet beautiful in NYSC camp and Jane was enjoying every moment like an ‘olosho’ that eventually finds someone to marry her. Day six in camp was the beginning of their social night events, she danced cynosurally and caught the eyes of everyone, she was clapped for and cheered to the best of her wish.

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