April 16, 2024

Daily Swot By Peter Swot

Eight Best Uses of ‘By’ in Sentences

The word ‘by’ is, no doubt, generally known for its use as preposition. However, it can be explored deeper and be used as an adverb too, it all depends on the context it is being used. This short article will thus acquaint you with eight different ways you can use the word ‘by”

By + place

This simply states something is beside or next to the other — it shows relationship in terms of closeness.
E.g i. The pen you’re searching for is by the Mathematics textbook.
ii. Ade said he was glad that the apartment is by the road.

By + method of transportation

This addresses the means through which a transportation occurs which can be of the following:
Road, train, car, boat, plain, taxi, bus, etc.
E.g i. Anytime I engage in a-90 kilometer long journey, it’s always by road but any journey farther or times two farther is always by plane.
ii. She goes to work by car everyday.

By + method of communication

This addresses the means through which a communication occurs which can be of the following:
Email, telephone, post, fax, etc.
E.g i. Yes, I have spoken with her by phone.
ii. I wonder how people used to communicate by post.

By + method of payment

This addresses the means through which a payment is made which can be of the following:
Credit card, cheque, transfer, cash etc.

E.g. i. She paid the company by transfer and they were cool with it.
ii. Hi, you can pay by credit card, it’s a new development here in our establishment.

I hope this is insightful, stay connected for the remaining four uses of the word ‘by’. They will be updated in the next post.

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