February 28, 2024

Daily Swot By Peter Swot


In the last post, it can be recalled that the coverage of ‘by’ is discussed regarding its eight uses. Four has been discussed — by + place, + method transportation, + method communication, and + method of payment. Hence the remaining four will be discussed to finalise the topic.’By’ and The PassivePassive voice in a sentence shows an indirect performance of an action by someone while active voice shows the direct opposite of the said.Consider these sentences:a. John is cleaning the door. (Active voice)b. The door is being cleaned BY John. (Passive voice)The ‘by’ as used in the sentence shows the person that performs an action but indirectly. That’s one use of ‘by’ — and the passive.Examples:i. The dishes are being washed by Juliana.ii. I was beaten to stupor by the garage boys.’By’ and The ReflexiveThe reflexive are one of the types of pronoun that reflects on a pronoun or noun in a sentence. E.g Myself, yourself, yourselves, themselves, herself, himself and ourselves. So, to represent the reflexive, the use of ‘by’ comes at play.Examples: i. The little kid did the assignment by himself.ii. Mary enjoys reading by herself.’By’ and -ingThis structure shows the way of doing something to get a particular result and the use of ‘by’ comes at play.Let’s consider these examples:i. ‘How can I eat this food?’By usING fork.ii. How was this achieved?Just by workING with my team.’By’ and time expressionThis structure considers time, regarding deadline which signals an action must be taken before, on time or not later than the specified time.Let’s consider these examples:i. You must submit the assignment by 8am tomorrow.ii I expect no one to remain here by evening.iii. She will be 25 by July 12.I hope this is insightful, stay connected for the remaining four uses of the word ‘by’. They will be updated in the next post.

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