April 16, 2024

Believers Identity.

Our identity as a believer is grounded on the personality of Jesus and it revelation. These revelation that wet the bedrock of our identity in Christ must be the one that comes from the father.

We can only journey far, know better and understand more in this Kingdom when we act upon the revelation of the son as revealed by the father. As we commune daily with the holy spirit, he groom us, teach us, guide us and make us understand that which have been revealed by the father about the son, it’s on this bedrock we discover ourselves in Christ.

Every bit of intimacy with the holy spirit must point us better and more to Jesus (the son), for in him, we found our completeness.

“Believers Identity”

Matthew 16:15-19
John 14:26, 15:26

SAMSON, Isaac Onoruoyiza
Kingdom Light Message

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