February 28, 2024

I Am The Enemy You Killed Brother

Dauda Jimoh (Emancipator)

In a small town, there lived two brothers, Ade and David. They shared the same household but had different mothers. David, being the elder one, was protective of Ade, even though they weren’t full-blooded siblings. They attended the same secondary school, where David was an exceptional student, known for his brilliance and leadership as the head prefect.One day, tragedy struck when David’s mother passed away, leaving him devastated. To support him, David moved in with Ade’s mother, who became his stepmother. Their father worked hard as a salary earner to provide for the family. After completing secondary school, David was advised to learn a vocational skill – vulcanizing. Although he had dreams of furthering his education, financial constraints forced him to accept this path. Three years passed, and David became an expert in his trade, while Ade graduated from secondary school. Ade’s academic journey took him to the prestigious University of Lagos, where he pursued English and Literary Studies. However, their parents couldn’t afford to sponsor both brothers’ education, and David felt bitter about being left behind after he finished secondary school.One day, David mustered the courage to approach their father about his education. Sadly, his father encouraged him to continue with his vocational training and wait until Ade graduated from the university. To David’s surprise, his stepmother echoed the same sentiment, citing financial difficulties as the reason behind their decision. David felt betrayed and longed for the support of his late mother, believing she would have fought for his right to education. He felt like an enemy in his own family, as if his brother’s academic success came at the cost of his own dreams.A few weeks later, as Ade prepared to leave for the university, he noticed David sitting alone in the sitting room. He greeted his brother, but David responded with a nod, showing his inner turmoil. Before Ade could leave, David whispered in his ear, “Academically, I am the enemy you killed, brother.” Ade, feeling slighted by David’s resentment, replied, “I am less concerned with your miserable life.” The harsh exchange left David feeling even more isolated and distressed.Over the years, Ade excelled in his studies and graduated with honors. He completed his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and secured a position as a lecturer in Ogun State. On the other hand, David, disillusioned with his vocational path, switched to becoming a driver to support his own family. As time passed, the distance between the brothers grew, fueled by unresolved emotions and unspoken words. The wounds of the past had left their mark, and they led separate lives, each grappling with their own challenges.




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