HIJAB By essential_maryam

HIJAB By essential_maryam


Now let me clear this misconception;
I know you call me strange,
Just because I don’t dress for attention,
Or is it because my garments are loose, long so you can’t see my complexion,
Or maybe because I don’t apply the MaryKay cosmetics to form Miss perfection.

You see, we don’t dress so people can tell us we are hot,
They view us from a different perspective,
so they can’t even know our worth.
But if they could see clearly, they would know what we’ve got.
For we aren’t even hurt by their thoughts.

Those males can’t see us on roads and call us sassy,
They can’t even judge us, to them
we don’t look classy,
But sorry all we care about is Allah’s mercy,
So we care less if what we wear is not what you fancy.

Do I hear you say I’m dressed like I’m oppressed?
Just because I protect my body from being harassed,
Did you just say I’m dressed like I’m depressed?
No! I only dress the way I want to be addressed.

We don’t want people to judge us by those tight clothes,
And those high-heeled shoes with open toes,
We are not items for your eyes to endorse,
All we care about is jannah, thats our goal.

It’s a piece of cloth that I wear with pride,
It’s no shame, I don’t need to hide,
My own form of limousine, in it I ride,
My Hijab is my right as a muslim, so why should I be deprived?

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Mahmud Sufiyan also known as TaekPoet in the literary world. He is a writer of short stories, a poet, haiku Lover and martial artist.



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