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The Efficacy Of Nature To Human Being

I’ve always prided in the fact that I’ve never been involved in an accident in my life, until today.
I was walking along Herbert Macaulay road to yaba so I could take a bus going to Ojuelegba. For those familiar with that road, you’ll know it’s a”one way” road.
I was preparing to cross the road, cause it was free, when this bike, moving in the opposite direction, came from nowhere and hit me.

I fell to the ground. In a bid to escape, he ran me over.
I was so shaken. I didn’t even know what happened. I just discovered that the bike man had gone after some moments.
The voice of a woman driving to her workplace jolted me back to reality. She kept shouting that I should have prevented him from escaping. That I should have held him.

Me that was visibly trembling. One man had to hold me steady cause I was shaking so bad. The woman also came down from her car, gave me ears of tissue to clean up. I was bleeding so bad. I never knew I had that much blood in me, by the way.

For over thirty minutes, I was on that spot. I had earlier looked for a place to sit under a tree. Thank God for those people that stood with me sha.
And thank God for my glasses that his my tears.
I know I always form hard girl. Abeg, I no hard kankan. I’m a very big softie. Forming hard girl na facade biko.

So, I got some bruises on my left leg and feet. I was able to dress it well when I got to work sha.

Josephine eMoji

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