Ghetto Diaries- Onnie

Onnie (the Pisces).

Edited by : Collins l. Munyanda.

If God was a human,
in this distressful world of animosity,
we could have been saved from these heartless beasts
who crave for slaughtered dead bodies,
gleaned from rogue knaves’ brutality acts.

I wonder if God was a master politician,
He could have saved our ripped spirits from the jaws and claws of these ruthless tigers.

In His reign,
we could have envisaged a better tommorrow,
a revered future endowed with greener pastures.
Debasing strife and assidious struggles,
could have been history myths.
The entire world would have been encapsulated with love.
The poor could have thrived in joyful liberty.
The rich would never manipulate indigent labourers for avaricious gain.

Autocracy lootery would not exist.
Leaders would have been pillars of hope,
sanctuaries of safety for hapless souls.

Woe to us,
who now trudge duteously in His patented footsteps.
Woe to our remorseless leaders,
without emphathy.

Moses’ seasons were bestowed with divine favour, l presume.
Ours are abominable times.
Profaned with unorthodox reigns,
where acrimonious rulers oppress gullible citizenry.
Dreary times where the ignoble’s sweat irrigate wealthy ravenous bowls.

Like jungle beasts,
we exist an apprehensive doleful life.

For how long will despotic snouts suck blood
from our veins with retribution?
Will there ever be an illustrious future for coming generations?
A vivid future of milk and honey from this wealthy endowed land?
What will become of exhausted, indigent peasants,
viced by tentacles of oppression?

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Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword.
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