His birth birthed celebration-
In Him we found Jubilation.
Kill the question, ignite action
All has qualified, no audition.
His birth replied our petition-
Even our unanswered questions.

Be merry in this merry feast-
Eat your fried chicken at least.
Wise men did theirs at the East.
Even the evangelist and priest.
Sing till your voice crest summit-
Be merry in this merry feast.

Mehhhhh… Sounding with solo,
Joy everywhere; singing with alto.
Hail our master, bravo!
We are happy, let’s call on alonso.
Dance to the allegro,
Saviour is the commando.
Because the world is tattered
Ruthless and it’s scattered
The lamb was slaughtered
For hope that has been shattered
Its skin, used to cover the uncovered
He restored hope that was shattered
Upon the alter Angels sang with ginger,
Jesus was never a stranger
“It all started in the manger”
Out of the blue I found a game changer
And my soul got a quencher
I’m now a repented pincher
A fateful blissful night
A fateful manger rite
Of a fateful king’s right
And flies of fires bright
Swimming in tides
On a silent starful night

Silent night,starful night
Horses and Knight
With gifts of height
To the most high
A flying kite
On a fateful night
The year has been tough
Full of falls, thorns and rough.
But His love was ever enough.
In life’s prison we were in handcuff
But He ransomed us in His love.
Thank you Lord, for your love
The tale was not by sight,
Neither was it by might
It was the light twice as bright;
At the new born’s sight.
Let’s merry in His only light
For the blind has seen the light.
Out of the Shepherd’s place
Comes a heavenly prince
To pay the price
And skyrocket my pace
To the land of peace
Oh,what a golden palace
The Messiah
Like days of fire
He is the messiah
Who robed in human attire
And every other things that was require
Was gave by him for we to acquire
Every of what we desire
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Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword.
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