There Is A World Out There-Akemu Sonia

That night, I just had feeling that somehow or someway, everyone under the age group of (15-18)years should know that there’s a world out there.
Life isn’t a bed of roses; there are ups and downs too. Would you believe it if I told you that “champions are not defined by their wins but by now well they can stand when they fall”. That is life for you. Life is not all about going to school, seeing friends, flexing which we call “enjoyment” and wearing flashy clothes. “life is a race, run it” some people believe. Wow! Life isn’t just a race, in this life we live there are conditions, circumstances, hurdles and most of it all is making decisions.
I know some would be wondering why decision making is very important. It is a fact that making a decision can “make” or “Mark” your future.
Also, you should know that the world out there is a world that can’t offer you everything, just do your best.
Don’t allow friends to deceive you because in the end, it’s your life. Like most people will say OYO(on your own). Focus on what you can achieve yourself and not what you receive from someone neither will you listen to all pieces of advice.
Most youths redundantly rant how the nation is led yet they do nothing to help the country, they contribute to her level corruption instead.
Depending on someone is not and can never be as good as depending on yourself.
Your mindset is also very important; a wise one once said and I quoted. “Think of the responsibilities of athing working out and not how it can fail”. It is not just a quote but words you can hold on to. Most of us have lost confidence in ourselves, we see impossibilities not knowing that everything is possible. It is all about your mindset. Having a negative mindset is never a good idea. Having a positive mindset is a vital element on the road to success.
Never say I CAN MAKE IT but say I WILL MAKE IT.
Don’ton’t ever look down on yourself for anything. Soniya Carson, the mother of the great surgeon Ben Carson made it known to us that if you have faith in yourself “you can do anything”.
However most teenagers depend on their parent saying “they have plans for me” but have you ever thought about it that you are in for it if the unexpected should happen?
It is either you or yourself. Always learn to be on your own by “PLANNING”.
I tell you something “people who fails to plan, fail according to plan”. Think about that statement and understand it. I am telling you this because someday you will become a man and for the record, the world out there doesn’t favour lazy people, not at all.
Hardwork and determination make a man.
Once more thing friends, some will say “I trust him, I trust her, he is my friend, she is my friend” but I want you to know the kind of friends you should trust. Not everyone out there will tell you his/her plans. They will just tell you what they want you to know.
The world out there isn’t smiling; try being yourself and not what somebody wants you to be because only you know what is good for you.
Roads to success are sarcastic, scary but your it move on and never look back.

Lastly always put God first in anything you do.

©Akemu Sonia, 2020.

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Profile of the writer.

AKEMU, Sonia Ogehnekeuwe is an indigen of Delta State. Sonia is a science student of Faith comprehensive High School Owode-Yewa Ogun state.
Akemu is a passionate talented motivational talks and stories writer. Akemu, has written many unpublished fictions to metamorphose teenagers life positivity and make them think.
Sonia as a writer is a member of Teapea Alabi CREATIVITY, House of readers and other educative platforms.

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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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