Alone in the valley of peace,
Listening to song of night.
The major key played by the whispering of the breeze,
In harmony with the minor key
From the chirping of the cricket.

The moon shine the light for vision
And the stars smile with a sparkling ray of exultation.
As the birds flock to dance to the beat,
So I place my guitar on my lap as I sit,
Playing the solemn cords of berceuse,
Singing the melodious song of lullaby.
Just Like the nightingale of mystery.

Silence filled the space,
Decorum gifted the surrounding an embrace,
Bringing ease to my mind that haste,
Calming my soul that panic with pleasure,
And bringing peace to the night full of terror.

Oh! gone is the day,
When the nature blessed my heart
With peaceful solitude,
But watching those exhilarating moments
Flying away with my past,
I feel overwhelme and terrify.

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Even if the past will never return,
And that day will never reborn,
Make it known to the maker of that moment,
Forever my heart shall be grateful,
Ever and ever the memory of being in the realm
Will make my heart joyful.

A moment with my guitar,
The energy that makes my sun glitter.

        	© Adewale Adeyemi Oluwafemi 
		Drunken Inspirational Pen 🖋


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Author: Adewale Adeyemi

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