When Loneliness Is Lonely: Judaisky Cares

When Loneliness Is Lonely

Tell me the fate of faith-
Tell me the hope of hope
When loneliness is told
The awaiting rain will
Rain not on the dry land but
On the ocean, to meet its own.

When Romeo rejects the ink
Of Shakespeare, to trade in the
Path of Christopher Marlowe-
What shall be the fate of lovers
Who have sold their heart to their
Home coming beloved at dusk?

Tell me, what shall be the fate
Of my little heart when hopes
And grits I kept abreast have
Taken another lane, to visit
Another heart that calls ’em not.
Am I not lost in my own den?

I am lonely, lonely like a lone
Lover whose investment is
Taking time to taste the true
Love of love. Tell, is sorrow not
Better than a mixed joy which
Is not even in sight or view?

I love her but she loved not
The love I love her. She made
My heart to quiver but in the
Swinging ring of reality, she
Left me at the middle of the
Sea to swim our swim alone.

What shall become of me if
I welcome grief as guest and
Feed sorrow in my merry feast?
Tell me if hope shall reincarnate
And renew my hopes to match
The promises in the veil of life.
I stand at bay watching-
Learning the language of my ink-
Learning how to handle my pen.


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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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