How To Compose A Song: Judaisky Cares

How To Compose A Song: Judaisky Cares


As we all know, many ways lead to the market so there are also many ways to compose a song too but to compose a good inspiring song, you have to go through the path of Poetry.
Poetry is said to be the spontaneous overflow of emotion recollected in tranquility (William Wordsworth)
It’s also the affairs of head and heart.
Poetry is also the best word put in the best order.
With this little definitions of poetry, I won’t to believe you have now seen reasons why poetic songs move people.
Most of the songs we listen today as worship and praise are all poetic because there are punchlines there, metaphors and imageries.

Let’s get to business.
If you want to compose a song, you must be a master of three things; beat, the language you want to use and the nature(theme) of your song. If you want to compose a praise song, you need to know some appellations of God, His deeds and many more. You need to remind God what he has done, that’s why it’s called praise.
Then you consider the language you want to use, either mixed code on single, you need to know the language very well. Some interpretations are just not right even on Google.

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Then choose a beat. Beat will serve as a guide and guard, to guide you in the kind of lyrics and wordings to use when and where to place them.
Writing a song is more or less like writing a sonnet which deals with stressed and unstressed pattern, rhymes and rhythmical flows of words.

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