The Dumb Wife; Jidenna: Judaisky Cares

The Dumb Wife; Jidenna

There are many mistakes or let me say, a mentality we guys used to carry on our heads.
We believe wife material lies in the village because city ladies are vast, exposed and sophisticated. For this reason, we tend to catch fun with city ladies because we believe they know how yo play the play. We jump from one skirt to another, tearing pants like nylon bread and dividing red seas with our rod of Moses.
We don’t mind spending all what we have on them because we see it as fun or norms of life and when we are done and ready for marriage, we head to the village, looking for a virgin, innocent and hardworking girl we can control like remote. Who will then marry those ones you have turned their tap to extended family well?
Who will marry the ones you took their pride and almost everything that made them a woman?
This is a simple arithmetic. If you know you want to marry a village girl, then marry and leave City ladies. Don’t spoil someone’s wife because you know you won’t marry her.
Remember what happened to Jidenna in this movie.
Dumb Wife is a comic Nollywood movie, to satirize men that mess with city ladies and latter dump them because they believe they aren’t or can’t be submissive, obedient, respectful and loving. They believe they are a product of feminism which sends a signal to gender equality.
Well, don’t forget that the woman you used and called thrash shall be another man’s treasure; that was exactly what happened in the movie.
There is no assurance the village girl you want to marry will respect or behave the way you want her to behave because of change of environment, orientation and mentality. “You can’t eat your cake and still have it”
If you know you won’t marry her, you don’t need to mar her.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen ๐Ÿ–‹

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