Nightmare In The Air: Crystal E Poet

*Nightmare In The Air


It was like a mirage in the journey of reality as i remembered vividly the eve of the seventh month in the year two-thousand and ten. I was about seven years old back in our village in Ukwani, delta state, Nigeria. Light from the night moon beckons to me as mum arranged our logage for the day to come. It was a dark, stormy and rainy night and in a twinkle of an eye, i was carried away in deep sleep.
Two weeks prior to the day we’re to pay a visit to my dad, my mum had booked two tickets from the airweak airlines with flight number BA2491A. I was so happy to see my dad after two months of vacation. Early in the next morning, as the morning breeze smiled gently at me, we packed our belongings and headed straight away to the airport. We’re paying a courtesy visit to my dad in kano for his birthday celebration.
At exactly 11:45am, we arrived at the airport and by 12:00 noon, the plane took off. we journeyed for about two hour, thirty minutes before the captain addressed us over the Intercom saying “Ladies and Gentleman we are experiencing signs of trouble on air and the wisps of smoke is wafting out of the rear lavatory and we’re unable to see the instrument panel because of the smoke, so please, I encourage every one of you to fasten your seat belts right away. Thank you..”.
On hearing this, I quickly fasten my seat belt and hold on tightly to my mum. My mum began to pray as i looked out through the window to see what was happening and behold! i found the airplane wing bouncing around in the wind like a bat hovering at noon. I said to myself, we are going down. So many questions began to surface which I have no answer to.
Suddenly, the Intercom turned on again and the air hostesses spoke to us “We’re doing all we can to calm the situation so please! bear with us as we will be making an emergency landing right away to save lives due to the fault discovered in the engine room….” immediately, the plane started rattling harder that i could bearly hear the cry of people behind me. The noise was so loud that it sounded like a rumbling earth quake.
It all happened so quickly as i was sitting there wondering what was about to happen. Faintly, i could see the ground out of the window rushing towards us and i said to my self, I have to say the last prayers before the time , with my head down i remembered few lines “…Holy mary, mother of God, pray for us, sinners untill the time of our death..Amen I had never been so scared in all my life, thinking I was going to die.
It was about seven-thousand, eight-hundred feet above the earth surface, when the air hostesses were running around trying to help people with their oxygen masks and calming them down so as to save lives. Suddenly, The oxygen masks fell from the roof without a second thought i grabbed the mask and put it over my head dragged another from one of the air hostess and gave it to my mum. Passangers were struggling to get their mask, if paradventure, we would survive since its a survival mission… Nobody wants to die.
Just about fifteen-feet above the earth crust, the wings of the plane stripped off and the pilot lost total control of the plane.
The crew on board began to help the pasaangers to escape through with their oxygen mask and parachutes and finally the whole passengers on board were rescued aside from the crew members, nobody seems to remember what happened untill the pilot finally lost control of the plane and it crashed. There was a complete silence for about thirty-minutes untill I shouted where are the crew? As I stepped out amidst the passengers, it becomes like a survival mission to me either alive or death, I couldn’t say. At a glance, my mum woke me from the sleep. So! It was a nightmare.

Crystal E Poet

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