MY MUM WILL KILL ME (A poem and a remix in short story form) By  Billospeaks & Ayanfe

MY MUM WILL KILL ME (A poem and a remix in short story form) By Billospeaks & Ayanfe

(A poem and a remix in short story form)

With sweet words,
Josh whispered naive love to my teenage ears
As he lured me with notes and oaths:
“My mum will kill me!” .
These five–warning–words alarmed.

The walls stared at
My fragile heart stuck
In Mamma’s words and choice.
Below, my eyes caught glances
Of the third leg rising underneath
While my innocent legs gaped into lust.

Laboratory test showed positive result,
For the bitter sweet night
journeyed to gestation,
Contrasting the words of mama.
Father gone, baby growing unawared
By the neighbourhood hypocrites.

My mum will kill me
For I have healed my pleasure
Awaited by the stick behind the door
That invite strokes on my bod
From the tireless old hands of hers;
Who will come to my aid?

My mum will kill me! I wailed,
Elders couldn’t concur to my help
And father of mine dwelt beneath the six feet.
I bought courage and headed home
Lo and behold! Mama was laid lifeless
For the sad news had made her met death.

Ironically, mum didn’t kill me,
I journeyed her to early grave
Whilst the widows who sang dirges
Threw me out of the village
To live with my nefarious act;
For I killed mum–she didn’t.

I killed mum
For i broke the vow and my hymen
Mum hoped would be paid for.
I am a curse to my household
For mum will never live
With the whispers of her faults.

© Billiospeaks

“My mum will kill me”.
(A remix of Billiospeaks’ poem in a short story form)

” Oh no!
I messed up!
Oh no I broke my vow!
Oh!!! I’m such a failure!!! ”
These words rang in my head as I recalled moment I shared with her and what she had told me.
She looked into my eyes and told me”I was her pride, her life, her future, a generation, a star,an amazon and the most amazing thing on Earth. She really meant it and I knew she did.
She told me how she had always dreamt of that beautiful and glorious day when she’d have to wear the most expensive ‘Aso oke’ and have the blacksmith make the best jewelry in town for her. She said she’ll sit like a lady king and she’ll smile at me as I dance to the altar with my one million dollar gown made for only a princess like me.

She had told me how she’d have the village square rented just to receive guest all over the world. She said ‘the only pride a lady has is to keep herself for her husband till weeding night”. It’s best to have one’s husband drive you in the pool of blood than allow a stranger paddle your boat in blood. It will be better to sing that lyricsless song in the arms of your husband than to sing a song of pain and groaning in the arms of a stranger”. I felt the vibe and I couldn’t help but promise to keep myself for my ‘Mr perfect’.

Hmmmmm,little did I know that it wasn’t just by mouth but also by action. I miss those moments of joy mixed with pain. I miss having to feel the stream of colored liquid flowing through my thigh.i miss taking my bath thrice daily just to be hygienic.
Josh entangled me with his lines and rhymes, he made me feel on top of the world, also made me forget all my pains and count my gains.
He took over my naive state.
“My mom will kill me”
These were the only words I recall after the incident.
He kissed my lips passionately and wrapped me in his warm arms as the weather was cold and harsh.
His hand drove around my blossom and swept me off my feet; for all I knew was I went blank.
I’ve never felt this way before but it was too late to stop.
As I sang the lyricsless song, i recalled my promise to the love of my life and the dream she had always had.

The deed was done and I thought that was the end. Suddenly,I increased in body size and shape as I grew sick. Then, my sixth sense spoke “I’ve not had my regular colored stream visit”.
“My mom will kill me”
I felt so disappointed in me,I had just sharted the dreams of my mom with a pleasure of 5mins.
“My mum will kill me”
I had placed my priority wrong.
“My mum will kill me”
How would I ever tell her?
“My mom will kill me”
What a shame and disgrace I have brought upon myself.

As she confirms my present state she slum and broke her neck and there was never a chance to place my priority right even till her death.
“My mum will kill me”for my actions
No! I killed mum for my actions.


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Mahmud Sufiyan also known as TaekPoet in the literary world. He is a writer of short stories, a poet, haiku Lover and martial artist.



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