What Name Befits Our Government?~Judaisky Cares

What Name Befits Our Government?

I want to boldly hold my chest and say our government doesn’t value education. It’s so horrendous and appalling that almost all the sectors in the country have started work but education is still given a back seat, placed on a halt.
Banks were opened so we can transact, churches and mosques also opened so we can serve our God. Hospitals also opened so lives would be saved. That’s not all. Interstate transportation and airlines were opened too, so we can travel here and there. The market wasn’t left behind, so we can feed the stomach. So, why is education left behind?
If we ask, we would be told that it’s cos of Coro Coro. Now the question is, what made them open all other sectors and leave Education behind hence Coro Coro has not packed its load and go?
We are just hearing cases here and there without any proof or evidence.
Those that are affected or even dead, don’t they have family or relatives? Don’t they know someone that knows someone that knows us?
In the US, there were proves and so in China but in my country, we are just hearing cases. Who knows whether what they meant was the brief case, pillowcase or court case.
To my greatest shock and amazement, they want to conduct an election in two big states and Education is still on a halt.
Please how are they going to vote and still maintain social distance, to avoid the Corona so there won’t be more cases that we can’t see?
We can adopt many methods in our various schools if they open them, just to abstain from the Corona we haven’t seen its traces.
Almost all the universities have built taps, sanitized and fumigated their campuses, what’s delaying then?
Some students are already forgetting their matric numbers and some have given up on school already.
Now they opened all other sectors and leave education, who will go to the market, banks, travel and even vote if not students? Can’t they contact Coro Coro there if truly it exists here?
How do they even want to conduct an election without stealing the ballot paper, riot and stampede?
Maybe I am speaking in nonsense, maybe I am talking in rubbish but this issue needs to be looked into because they aren’t helping us at all.
They are even talking about scraping WAEC this year and to make matter worse, we don’t really know when Nigerian Corona will leave so we can continue our education.
Like play, one session is disintegrating into thin air without one smelling education.
But it’s well, this is Nigeria where we like suffering and smiling. We really know how to adapt.
If we really look into this matter, most of our politicians’ children aren’t schooling here and so, they might not be affected like us but God will judge.
With all this, I tried to look for a suitable name to call my country and her government but didn’t see. Please my people, which name do our government deserved to be called?

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋

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