I Want To Be Like The Devil~Judaisky Cares

I Want To Be Like The Devil

Truth be told, I used to admire Satan in almost all ramifications.
The Bible describes him as a beautiful singer and you know what? I also love music and I want to sing even more than he sang.
This isn’t even the main reason why I love the devil. Do you want to hear more?
The devil is the only hardworking man I have ever known. You want to argue right? Scan around you, how many agents of the devil can you count and how many true worshipers of God can you count?
The devil is very hardworking a man to the extent that he has settled many people, many people have received freedom from him or those that have gone into apostasy and atheist, what do you think of them?

That’s not all, the devil is very strategic and diplomatic that there is nothing he puts his mind that he won’t really accomplish. Think of it, it’s very easy for children of God to backslide and also find it difficult to win a soul for God. This is because the devil knows what we want and he’s giving them to us in abundance.
You still want to argue? He knows we like sex, pleasure and he made that available to us at the platter.
He knows we like lying, so he made it cheap and free to the extent that we use lie to lie. He knows we like fashion and he gave it to us. Just look at what we wear this days? Most of what our Christian choristers wear nowadays are what prostitute of olden days used to wear. Infact, some prostitutes dress more decent than them. Well, that’s by the way.
This devil also knows that we love woman and money and he placed the love in our hearts to the extent they we kill our beloved, our loved ones for money rituals.
Remember, the devil never appeared to you or forced to you to commit any of these crimes, it was of your own inclination. And you don’t have any right to say you don’t have choice because even Job in the bible, he took permission from God, to thwart his life but he made a choice and stood for you.
The devil is so cunning, knowledgeable and smart that you can’t or it’s rare to outsmart him.
If I can be like the devil or close to what he is or has, I know I will make a difference. I will be smart, smart enough to know when he’s playing on my intelligence and resist him.
I really want to be like the devil, very hard working and focused on what I want to do, because I have a dream and a mandate I want to fulfil in life but not the same plan and purpose he has.
I want to be like the devil so I can use my own intelligence, smartness, power and wisdom to do something good, something worthwhile. I want to be like the devil so I can sing to glorify the Lord with my sweet soothing and mellifluous voice.
I want to be like the devil, not to convert souls to hell but to redirect them to heaven.
I don’t know about you, whether you are happy with the person you are. Don’t you desire to also have all the gifts, intelligence, power and diplomacy of the devil so you can use them for God? Me, I want ’em.

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Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋


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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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