Reward For Hard Work

Reward For Hard Work

It’s normal for one to receive a reward for every act. When a labourer works, he expects a reward and so does all other professions.
Evildoers also receive their own reward, that’s why we have nemesis and karma.
Now, to my friends who have taken rape as their own profession, you will also receive your own reward. You forced someone to your bed, took her pride, gave her a memory she would remember and wished she was never born and you think you won’t receive a reward for that?
You kidnapped an innocent maiden and took her virginity. You lured and used all methods to seduce them to your bed, thinking you are doing the right thing, well, ride on my brother, you shall surely receive your reward
This Is Why I Made Up My Mind To Leave Religion
We say jungle justice isn’t good but I want to introduce jungle justice in a matter like this.
Why will you forcefully take someone daughter’s pride and call it pleasure and enjoyment? Have you forgotten you also have a sister and also, you will give birth to your own daughter too.
Issues like this do not even demand court than cutting that magic rod of yours you used to divide innocent red seas, roast it and serve it to you as your meal. You don’t need to use that again because the wages of sin is death.
Can you just imagine the horror or a grown-up man raping a girl of 3 years? God gave mercy. I have heard many cases of rape and my mouth rejected food.
Truth be told, anyone caught shouldn’t be among men because those prostitutes have made things very easy for us. When the urge comes and your girlfriend, your sex mate isn’t around, with #500, you can get a good red sea to divide and they will even pamper you very well so you will be able to come next time. They will give you all the styles you want, they will treat you like a king. I even heard some used to cook or make tea for some. Do you see? You don’t need to force someone when you can get it at the tip of your hand.
You don’t need to cast shame on her and on yourself when you can hide the whole shame in a motel or hotel.
We also have secret Ashawos, those that you call to visit you, sleep with them and give them money for transport. My brother, there are many ways you can gratify your sexual urge without force or unconvincing anyone. Even if you don’t have money, there is free sex in this Nigeria. In fact, the most common thing you can ever get in this Nigeria without struggle is sex, so you don’t need to inflate someone with pains, infinite scar, bad memory and twist of future.

We have made sex prevalent and even a norm in Nigeria. There is no respect for sex again, not even an iota of respect for it so, you will surely get. Assuming sex was what it was then, then I would have said you would find it difficult but now, it’s made available on a platter that if you need a job, just open your legs to the manager, if you need cloth or anything, just open your legs and you have them. In fact, we even use sex to say thank you, we use sex to console and bribe. So tell me, why won’t you get when there are many means for you.
Please leave those girls to live their lives and fulfil their mandate. If you try such again, your dick will be roasted and served to you as dinner.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋


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