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Our culture is a big discrimination in the world, male children are known to be cherished and craved for, and the females? They are considered inferior in African the culture.

My dad had always pressurised my mom telling her ”you better give birth to sons and not daughters”.

Few months after the elaborate wedding of my parents, my mum conceived and the members of my family and community fantasised for a male child.

In a twinkle, my mum was delivered of a boy in the Village’s hospital. Unfortunately, I came to the world lame, my left leg looking severed with a matchet, my left leg had no knee, ankle, feet, toes…” I recalled my mum saying ”your birth grieved me, your father had no choice but to take you home…”. In full hopes that they could still have another complete child unlike their disabled son; being me,.

”You were barely a year old my son when I was pregnant of your brother…” My mum told me.

The universe didn’t favour my folks and again my mum birthed another disabled son; without hands.

Members of my dad’s family neglected us and called my mum several names like a witch, bad luck, an enemy of progress amongst others.

Growing up was hard for me and my kid brother, my dad never showed up and till date, I do not know his whereabouts because he married another wife and was blessed with male children. Nevertheless, mum makes sure we smile always and gives us the life a normal child deserves.

My brother and I help each other. We walk back from school in the rain, smiling and laughing, talking and sharing our deepest thoughts. We stand up for each other and never allow ridicule to take the better of us. We recognise our limitations and celebrate our little victories.

Sometimes, when it rains and we go under the rain, I use the cocoyam leaf to cover our heads. We create hope with our smiles and vow to live like other children. We desire not just to stand out among the disabled children in our local community but globally, to make our mum proud. My Name Is Hope and my brother’s name; Favour.


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Author: Judaisky

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