This Is Why We Always Regret

This Is Why We Always Regret

We are used to this word “had I know” but we always know. You can’t tell me you don’t know the right thing to do or you don’t know what’s good and what’s bad.
Many of us are victims of “had I know” because they were faced with hard decisions but they chose the wrong one.
This life is a test and every day we always undergo one or the other.
Why you always regret is because you play politics with your heart and God.
You know stealing is not good but you always look for a way to justify your act; stealing meat in the pot and when you are caught, you regret and push the blame on our innocent devil.
You systematically and diplomatically forced that girl to your bed and when the seed you planted there by mistake germinates, you regret and curse the day you slept with her.
You conned and jinxed your friends, not because you don’t know it was a bad act but because you chose that over being a saint.
We only cry “had I know” and regret when our evil acts go wrong which ought not to be. We should embrace the renaissance era where everyone is responsible for whatever they do with their lives.

And for those who regret ever being good to mankind and humanity, why feeling bad and regretting when the Lord is still good to you? That you were jinxed of your good works don’t mean you should relinquish.
Think about heaven that’s still nice to you. Don’t give up, keep doing good no matter what the outcome is.
The fact that you have what it takes to do good is a sign that you should continue. If you can stop playing politics with your heart and humanity, then I am not sure you will regret anything because if you are good and I am good, we won’t have any reason to regret or cry “had I know.”
Control your opionto and bazuka when you see that fine girl swaying her ass here and there so you won’t put your magic rod in a wrong whole and regret later.
When you see a phone or anything that’s not yours, kindly return it to the owner if they come or call for it so you won’t cry “had I know” when karma takes its course.
We know all these but somehow, we find it difficult to do so, I would beg you to learn tolerance and have a good heart, that’s all you need to live a good life so you won’t cry “had I know” or regret in time to come.

Till I cross your path again-
I hang my pen 🖋


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